Safety Measures
Avoiding falls: The first major step to protect yourself from construction area pitfalls is to avoid falling. A number of workers die annually by falling from a ladder or scaffold. Make sure you get the right training to work in such areas. Before stepping on to a scaffold, make sure that they are carefully checked for safety. You should be well aware of maximum weight that it can handle so, do not overload. Also try to avoid falls is to avoid sitting and walking on skylights.

Avoid intoxication: Toxic materials are very widely used things in construction. Most of the paints used for bridges, tunnels and buildings have heavy amounts of lead. One way to avoid any severe damage is to take a frequent test for your blood lead level. Another toxic substance is the tar. When laying hot tar, many harmful fumes are formed. These fumes can cause allergies in the eyes, skin and lungs. The fumes can probably, cause cancer. ensure that you are using the required safety gear as well. Dry stone contains silica, so extreme measure should be taken to avoid the dust of these stones to enter your lungs while cutting them.

Right Ergonomics: the tools and equipment used in construction must be suitable and comfortable for you to use. Everyone has unique comfort criteria so no one else would be able to check that for you. Sometimes even the most simplest tool such as screw driver can lead to a carpal tunnel syndrome. Take extreme precautions when handling and lifting heavy objects as it can result in severe back and spine problems.

No Shocking: It is a simple assumption that the main power should be kept off when working with electrical appliances. But stil,Yet, l this is one of the main causes of construction fatalities. Do ensure that the floor, your hands and your clothes are not damp during your work. Watch out for exposed wires at anywhere and get them fixed before you start anything else.
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